The Translational Research on Affective Disorders and Suicide Laboratory in the Department of Psychiatry at Columbia University studies what causes depressive symptoms to unfold, how self-injurious and suicidal behaviors develop, and how treatment for mental disorders can be improved. The lab has many ongoing projects including, studies that utilize electrophysiology and neuroimaging techniques to investigate the etiology of depression; probe promising markers of suicide risk (e.g., passive sensor smartphone data); develop predictors of treatment (including internet-based approaches) response. Our ultimate goal is to improve  early identification of and treatment for adolescent depression and suicidal behaviors.

Latest News:


Erik Benau’s article, “Self-reference reveals differences in amplitude in the Late Positive Potential in depressed individuals compared to never depressed individuals” was just published in Psychophysiology. Congrats, Erik! 


Akina Umemoto joined the lab as a postdoctoral researcher in April 2019. Welcome, Akina!